What is Forex ?

What is Forex ?


What is Forex ?

What is Forex ? Forex refers to all of the international markets where foreign exchange is traded, using the exchange rate between a country’s currency and another country’s currency. Forex market is one of the largest markets in the world that offers investors the opportunity to trade with leverage.

Only foreign currency transactions are made in Forex ?

Sade Forex

What is Forex ? Although forex literally means currency swap, hundreds of products such as gold, silver, oil, coffee and wheat are traded in this market, in addition to foreign currency, currencies of different countries.

How to trade in Forex ?

Forex işlemleri

In order to trade in the Forex market, you can open an account with a brokerage firm of your choice and then trade with the deposit you deposit anywhere on the internet, on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. What is Forex ?

How is Forex different from other markets?

The biggest difference of the Forex market from markets such as the stock market is that it can be traded in both directions. For example; In order for the investor to make a profit in the stock market, he must first make a purchase on that product.

In Forex , you can both buy and sell the product you want with your collateral. You can profit from the appreciation or depreciation of a product.

What are the trading hours in Forex ?

Forex market is not tied to a single center like other markets, so it is an over the counter market. It opens at 00:00 on Sunday night and closes at 00:00 on Friday night , open 5/24 on weekdays .

Is the forex market safe legally ? What is Forex ?

Forex market is subject to the legal supervision of each country, and our country is audited by the Capital Markets Board (CMB) . Capital Markets Board, leveraged trading that forex has brought the condition of license to providers of process, organization without a license in Turkey forex can offer transactions.

For this reason, the investor should pay attention to the fact that it is licensed while choosing the brokerage house to trade. Capital Markets Board to licensed institutions in our country’s official site n can be found as well.

What is Forex Demo Account?

Forex demo

Forex Demo account or demo account is an account that contains virtual money but the prices are the same as the market in order for investor candidates to get to know and experience the forex market.

Why Forex Demo Account is Important?

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You want to trade in the Forex demo market, but have no experience, then your risk will be higher than other traders. If you trade on the demo account for a while before making real trading in the market, you can follow the market live and see the risks and gains directly.

Are the Prices in Forex Demo Account Correct?

The demo account is exactly the same as a real account, except that your balance is virtual. The prices of the products on the platform are up-to-date and the profit or loss you get while trading in the demo account will be exactly the same as trading in the real account.

Forex Demo Account Helps You Decide

When trading on the demo account, you also decide whether to invest in the forex market. Some prospective investors may conclude during the demo account period that the risks of the Forex market are large or there is no suitable investment area for them. Making this decision without losses is one of the advantages of the demo account.

Many investors have predictions of which products are more volatile in the demo account , how many lots they will open on which products, how much of their collateral they will risk, and how much profit they can make.

The demo account allows you to make a ‘ok’ or ‘continue’ decision in both cases without any losses.

How to trade in the Forex market?

Foreks Piyasası

It is very easy and practical to trade in the Forex market, wherever there is internet, you can trade from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Some brokers in the Forex market also have their own platforms, but the most accepted and widely used platform is MetaTrader . You can download MetaTrader to your computer, tablet or smartphone, or you can connect instantly via the web.

You can follow the current prices of the products on the MetaTrader platform, as well as follow your collateral and margin levels from this platform.

If you cannot access the internet in your location, you can also give a transaction order by calling the intermediary institution you work for. Positions can be opened by authorized persons in the institution in the product you want and at the rate you specify (if your coverage is met).

How can I gain experience in the Forex market?

Forex is an attractive market with lots of advantages, but if you are new to forex, you can experience it without any losses. For this, you can open a free trial account ( demo account) from any brokerage house . The demo account has a virtual balance, but the prices of the products are real and you can experience them by trading them for a while. The demo account is very useful for the trader to get to know the market, it allows you to see the risks and profits clearly.

Which products are traded in Forex ?

Forex işlemleri

Many products can be traded in the Forex market, from currencies to commodities and indices, and the products are divided into categories such as parity, commodity, CFD . It will be beneficial for you to know the products before making a transaction.


It is the ratio of one country’s currency to another country’s currency, for example USDTRY means US Dollar / Turkish Lira, which is how many lira a dollar makes.




They are tradable goods and products, that is, gold, oil, silver, copper, platinum and coffee, wheat, corn, cocoa, cotton, which have an intrinsic value and are traded products such as minerals, energy, food.



Original stands for Contract for Difference and means difference contract. The feature of CFDs is that the transactions you will make are futures. For example, if you want to open a transaction for a certain maturity instead of an instant transaction in oil, you can choose CFDs . In CFD transactions with certain opening and closing dates, the price difference within this period will be your profit or loss.

You can easily perform your transactions on all the products we have specified on Meta Trader . You can easily buy / sell and follow prices on products that are grouped as titles and sub-options on the platform.

Advantages of the Forex Market

The market with the highest transaction volume and liquidity in the world, Being open 5/24, Leverage, Ease of trading wherever the Internet is available, Ability to benefit from intraday activity, Ability to control profit and loss

Product variety

Avantaj Forex

Forex ‘s word meaning exchange swap their currencies other than wheat, though in this market, corn, copper, oil, gold, soybeans, coffee and the like in many commodity indices can be done. Since the mobility in the markets varies in each product, having alternatives gives you an advantage.

Bidirectional transaction opportunity

The basic logic in the Forex market is not to physically own a product and then sell it; To follow the appreciation or depreciation of the price of any product. Therefore, if you think that the price of any product in the market will increase, you can buy, if you think it will decrease, you can make a sale transaction and you do not need to buy in advance for the sale process.

Leverage system

Leverage allows you to volume at a certain rate above the lot amount you want to trade. The leverage ratio in our country varies according to the products and the guarantee, and the max . the ratio is 1:10.

Let’s say you will trade $ 1000, when you use 1:10 leverage, your earnings will increase as you will have a trading volume of $ 10,000. (Otherwise, it should not be forgotten that the damage is also high).

Free market

Forex piyasası

The Forex market is a decentralized, over-the-counter market and is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week due to the time difference in the world. In the market that opens Sunday night, you can trade in any time frame until Friday night. Thus, you will not have the stress of following the opening and closing hours of the day or being late for the process.


Erişim Kolaylığı

The only thing you need to trade in the Forex market is the internet. You can make transactions from your computer, tablet or compatible mobile phone wherever there is internet. In addition, you can give a transaction order by phone from the brokerage firm you work for.

Investor friendly platform


Forex Yatırımcısı

Although there are different platforms used by some institutions in the Forex market, it is the generally accepted Meta Trader platform. Since you can determine your profit or loss level yourself while opening a trade on this platform, you do not lose all of your collateral and guarantee your profit.

Another advantage of the Meta Trader platform is the ability to place pending orders. In other words, you can place a buy or sell order for the product you want to trade at a price you have determined beforehand, and your order will be activated when the price reaches the level you set. In this way, you do not have to constantly follow the market.

Lower costs

Düşük maliyet

In the Forex market, the investor only pays the spread (the spread) for the product he wants to trade. Apart from this, it does not make additional payments such as commissions or transaction fees.

Hedging / hedge

Hedging is the opening of a position opposite to the current transaction, despite the financial risk that may occur at a future date. You can make the hedge feature both for your trade in the forex market and for your other investment. For example, you have made a purchase in EURUSD parity in the forex market and you are in a loss, if you cannot add collateral, you can reduce your risk by opening a sell position in the EURUSD parity. Also, let’s say that you have a certain amount of dollars physically in your hand and you do not want to break it, but the dollar is losing value, you can reduce your loss with your earnings by opening a sell position in USDTRY parity in the forex market.What is Forex?

High liquidity

With the advantages mentioned above, forex is the market with the most liquidity in the world. The liquidity of the market is increasing with the high trading volume and the increasing number of participants.

How can I gain experience in the Forex market?

Forex is an attractive market with lots of advantages, but if you are new to forex, you can experience it without any losses. For this, you can open a free trial account ( demo account) from any brokerage house . The demo account has a virtual balance, but the prices of the products are real and you can experience them by trading them for a while. The demo account is very useful for the trader to get to know the market, it allows you to see the risks and profits clearly.What is Forex?



Leveraged trading ( Forex ) transactions; These are highly risky transactions where large positions can be taken with low collateral. As a result of leveraged trading transactions, you can make profit as well as risk loss. Forex trading involves the risk of losing all of the money invested, so it may not be a suitable market for every investor. For this reason, before you decide to trade, you need to understand the risks you may encounter and decide by considering your limitations.What is Forex?

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